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HIPPA Security Series - Articles



Medical Records Review and Abstraction

Medical Records Chronologies

Deposition Summaries

Deposition Transcription Multi Language

Medical Records Organization and Indexing

Utilization Review (UR)

Subrosa Investigation Reports

Data Entry Services

Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

XML Conversion

OCR Processing Services

Data Extraction and Formatting

About Us


Medico Legal Services(India), has remarkable expertise in Medical, Legal  and Information Technology domains. Ours is a medium sized delivery  centre, with HIPPA compliant data security  facilities, implemented.


We have our clients spread across the globe. Medico Legal Services(India), is  committed to keep a longstanding and cordial relationship with our clients. We offer our clientele the best services thru the continuous support of our expert technical team,  state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology. With proper understanding of various requirements of your process, we offer you pertinent solutions.


Our tailor-made modus operandi will prop up your business and stabilize your operations.


We  understands the HIPAA  regulations and its impact. Medico Legal Services(India) has dedicated audit team (from the IT department), to ensure that, the HIPPA compliance implementations are  followed with out dilution.


Medico Legal Services(India), has an infrastructure, with  Access Controls, Authentication, Data Encryption and Accountability practices,  on all Local Area Networks. 


Secured FTP  and 128 bit encryption  will be used for file transfer.


Our IT department has developed  the software, required to transfer every  bit of information, with high security (both in LAN and WAN).


Additional security measures, as recommended by the client.


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